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The hot new decorating trend, wall decals add a touch of originality and creativity to your home.

They're fun, practical, inexpensive and, above all, visually stunning. ADzif works with Canadian and international artists who continually produce new designs so we can offer you an extensive selection of decals.

Packaged in clear plastic tubes, ADzif decals are available in two sizes: 

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We carry two types of decals:

Coloured vinyl is cut into specific shapes or designs. Usually monochromatic, cut-outs are easy to apply thanks to the transparent transfer tape, which is removed after the decal is affixed to the wall.

A design is printed on white vinyl and then cut out. This allows us to create unique patterns in a wide range of colours. Application is effortless: peel off the backing and stick the decal on the wall. Large-size decals or those with a delicate pattern may sometimes come with a transfer tape for easy application.

All our decals are easy to remove and, even after many years, will not leave any residue on your walls.





Have a habit of forgetting things? Your youngster loves drawing on walls? We can help, with our decorative adhesive chalkboards!
Convenient and easy to use, they come in a range of original and fun designs for all ages. 

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You can use regular chalk on the vinyl "blackboard"; write and wipe clean with a damp cloth as often as you like.

It's easy to apply: simply peel off the backing and stick the chalkboard to the wall. The adhesive used for this vinyl is strong enough to be considered permanent and stands up to repeated cleaning.
Check out the entire MEMO line.



Covering entire walls with wallpaper is rather passé. Instead, the current trend is to apply only a single strip or a wall mural to give a room a dramatic touch, enhance a piece of furniture or complement your paint scheme. ADzif carries the UNIK and MULTI wallpaper collections of wall graphics and photo images that give your living space a contemporary look.

Both collections are easy to install. They fit regular ceiling heights and can be cut to size.
The wallpaper is packaged in a clear plastic tube.


Appliance Stickers

Introduced at the end of 2011, ADzif appliance decals add pep to your kitchen. Looking to add colour without painting your walls? Hoping to camouflage the scuffs and markings on your fridge? Or maybe you simply want to impress friends and family with the latest decorating trend? If so, ADzif can help with its new DOMO collection of self-adhesive photographic appliance decals.

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Appliances decals come in single 30" x 70" printed peel-and-stick vinyl strips that perfectly fit the contours of standard-sized refrigerators. They're easy to apply and can be used for both top- and bottom-freezer models.

DOMO appliance decals come packaged in clear plastic tubes. 

Printed canvas

Discover the world of LUDO animal canvas prints. Decorate your rooms with these quirky and colourful characters. Pick one, two or three, or collect them all and create your own zoo of bug-eyed animal heads.

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The CANVAS collection is printed on cotton duck. The prints measure 8'' x 24'' and retail for $39.

The prints are protected with a clear cellophane, an eye-catching solution for in-store display.

Skin stickers

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, nothing beats personalizing your electronic devices with a nifty sticker. ADzif drew on its expertise to offer a collection of skins especially designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and 13" and 15" laptops and MacBooks. Our team of artists outdid themselves in creating funky, eclectic and colourful designs, some of which are available for a broad range of devices. Protect your devices against scratches and splashes with a SKIN sticker, without spoiling their clean, elegant design. 

SKIN stickers are printed and cut out on vinyl made specifically to fit the contours of the various electronic devices:
• Small devices: iPhone and iPod Touch: the skin includes a sticker for the back ans two strips that go around the screen. iPhone 4/4S; the skin fits the contour of the phone. To complete the look, you can even download matching digital wallpaper.

• Big devices: iPad, MacBook and PC laptops: the skin is applied to the cover. Downloadable matching digital wallpaper available.


High quality vinyl makes the skin easy to apply; in fact, microscopic air channels in the material ensure all air bubbles escape, so the sticker goes on perfectly smoothly.

Flat packing means the product is perfectly visible, with instructions included on the back.

Discover our SKIN collection.