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Anne Thomas

TOMA is a Montreal-based creative studio that aims to enhance daily living
through humor and wit. Fusing form with functionality, TOMA’s urban objects
have a playful, graphical tone. Created by graphic designers, the object’s
design elements coherently find their way right into the presentation and
packaging. Creator, designer and art director Anne Thomas founded
Thomas design+communication in 1990—a studio that combines graphic
arts and consulting services to produce visual solutions for businesses.
It was a short step from communication by object to objects that communicate,
one that Anne took in 2006 when she launched the TOMA collection. Showing
her knack for combining materials and spatial volumes, she and her design
team reinterpret our daily rituals by creating urban, environment-friendly
objects that are both elegant and playful. Monica Gautier has been working
with Anne for the past two years. With a background in graphic and industrial
design, she shares the same personal interest in object design and has
co-designed th
e Inside Out collection with Anne.