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A touch of green

Posted on October 01 2020

Here’s a simple, creative DIY to bring a piece of nature indoors.

Perfect for small spaces, this hanging garden lets you maximize your floor space.

Although it may look like a project for an expert DIYer, it’s actually super easy to make! You’ll only need two hours to create a hanging garden you're sure to love.

What you need: 
  • Drill
  • Jig saw
  • 60- and 100-grit sandpaper
  • 1 thick wooden board (select the type of wood for the effect you want, for example, recycled wood for a more rustic look or Baltic birch for a more Scandinavian feel).
  • Metal cable
  • 8 cable clips
  • 2 ceiling hooks
  • 3 or 4 square flower pots
  • Plants
  • Pencil
  • Ruler



    • Decide how big you want the shelf to be: this will depend on where you’d like to hang it and the size of the plant pots you’re using.


    • Craft stores can usually cut boards to size and might even have boards already cut to the right dimensions. 


    • Decide how the pots will be positioned and draw an outline for each. If you are making a 3-pot shelf, mark the spot for the first pot in the very centre of your board. If you’re going to use 4 pots, measure carefully to ensure the pots are equally spaced out. Don’t forget that the hole has to be slightly smaller than the pot so that the pot doesn’t fall through.


      • Next, cut out the squares in the wood. The trick is to make a row of holes with the drill inside the area to be cut out to guide the jig saw blade. This way you’ll get a perfect cut.


      • Once you've cut your holes it's time to sand the surfaces of the board, including the sides and edges of your cut-out squares. Start with your 60-grade sandpaper and then finish up with the 100-grade sandpaper.


      • Next mark where your 4 suspension cables will go through the board. You'll need 4 holes (2 at each end of your shelf). Be careful: they should be evenly positioned to ensure the shelf is balanced. Use the drill to make the 4 holes. If your cable is 2 mm in diameter, use a 2.5 mm drill bit.


      • Decide where in your home you’ll hang the shelf so that you know how long to make the cables. Cut the metal cables to the desired length for hanging the shelf, remembering to add an extra 16 inches for tying loops in the end to fasten them.


      • Thread each cable through a hole in the board. Make a loop at the end of each, and then fasten with a cable clip. Do the same for the other ends of the cable.


      • Attach the shelf to the ceiling using ceiling hooks.


      • Pot the plants and place them in your new shelf. 



        Make a hanging herb garden. Hang it in your kitchen and plant herbs like basil, cilantro, and mint.

        Replace the metal cables with thick untreated rope for a more rustic look. Follow the rest of the instructions as above, tying large nautical knots instead of using cable clips.

        Opt for multiple shelves and hang them right in your window frame. It has a beautiful effect and your plants will love it—just make sure they get enough water!

        Prefer round pots? This would look great too. Just keep in mind that the water needs somewhere to go, so make sure to always use pots with a built-in drainage.


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