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Great summer gradients

Posted on September 28 2020

Winter is fortunately far behind us and we’re ready for that summer sun!

Summer is the season for getting outside, travelling, trying new things, and most importantly, relaxing and enjoying the warmer months.

Our favourite colour trend this year is gradients, such as dégradé and ombré. We’ll introduce you to this popular use of colour that can be found everywhere from fashion to home while showing you some of our favourite decorating ideas.

Gradient fashion

Colourful clothing

Dégradé clothing is everywhere, and available in an array of colours! Why not try dip-dying your old clothing to give it a new look?
We absolutely love the ombré fuchsia bodysuit available from Moon et Miel on Smallable (the perfect summer look for your little princess!). There are gradient tops for all ages. Our favourites include Zara’s grapefruit yellow top pictured above and a Prussian blue version from Mango.


Accessories to brighten up your life

Dégradé has also made its way to fashion accessories. Check it out! From phone cases to shoes, scarves to sunglasses, there are a million ways you can add some dégradé colour to your look with accessories. We’re big fans of Ray-Ban’s gradient lens sunglasses. What’s your favourite gradient colour accessory?

Home decorating

Gradients aren’t just for clothing, having become a part of home decorating as well. These fading colour schemes give walls a refreshing and bright powdery finish.


Why not apply this fashion to your walls? Gradient colours add a relaxing touch of zen to any room. There are endless ways to design a gradient wall; it all comes down to what you’re looking for! Check out our selection of colour gradient wallpaper at ADzif; we have something for every style! Can find that perfect colour? Contact us and customize!

Home accessories

If you’re not looking to wallpaper, there are other ways to add touches of colour gradients to your décor. Many home accessories come in gradient colours. One of our favourite items is the Klimoppe lamp available on Smallable! What do you think?

For the DIY experts out there, here’s a link to create your own gradient walls. Keep in mind that this project requires patience and some painting prowess!

This is a great article on creating a gradient wall at home, featuring a tutorial and some beautiful pictures of the results (available in French only).


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  • Klaudia: October 11, 2017

    I remember those style. I liked it so much in spring, and I wish new that it’ll be a trend. By the way, they are quite popular in web industry

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