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Posted on October 29 2020

There’s a whole exciting world to plant life, and greenery can create a striking decorating effect. We love how plants add a touch of the wild to any interior, and especially how they can easily transform an indoor space into a peaceful escape.

Here’s a short list we’ve put together of projects we love by artists around the world who’ve found beautiful ways to play with natural elements. 

Let us know what you think, and tell us about your favourite indoor green projects in the comments or via social media!

No. 1 – Projects by Park + Associates

Park + Associates is a Singaporean architecture firm. Made up of around 40 people, its mission is to align beauty and functionality with the purity of each space. Park + Associates also has a strong focus on the articulation of space and form.

Check out these two incredible projects! Each was designed with a rigorous eye for detail, placement, and materials. Light also plays an important role in these sophisticated and inspiring spaces.

Faber Grove project

The Gardener is “a modern house nestled within a botanical sanctuary.” The idea behind this project was to emphasize the white by contrasting it with a soft, lush green. The green wall brings the natural surroundings indoors.

Greja House project

Another project from Park + Associates, this house is nicknamed “the house out of the floating box” as it appears perched in the air. Light enters the interior spaces through the full-size windows and a pure colour scheme (of white, light grey, etc.) was used for the interior walls.

No. 2 – The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia by SADAR+VUGA Architects

Since nature has become a part of interior decorating, a large number of architects, including SADAR+VUGA, have been inspired by this trend to create actual indoor gardens.

 When designing the CCI’s panoramic garden in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the architects incorporated luxurious tropical vegetation into the area used for receptions, luncheons, and business meetings.

 The plants and light create a relaxed work atmosphere that includes a number of spaces with different micro-ambiances ideal for various events or group numbers.

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