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Wall Decor: 5 Original Ideas

Posted on September 28 2020


Décoration Murale : 5 Idées Originales | Blog ADzif


New season, new decor? If you want to refresh your home decor, we have several good ideas to offer. Before you start buying new furniture, new bedding or even repainting your walls, you should first consider an inexpensive and easy-to-apply option.

What is it? Wall decorations! Whether as a decorative object, wallpaper or wall adhesive, wall decorations are a good way to refresh your home decor. Available in a variety of colors, textures and styles, they can perfectly match existing furniture while giving the room a new lease of life.

Discover our 5 wall decoration ideas below!

   1. Original decorative object in wood or metal

wall art, wall decor, wall art accessories, interior decoration

Editor's note: This image is from a royalty-free image bank.

The game of textures is an interior decoration technique frequently used by the experts. It creates a contrast between textiles (throws, cushions, bedding, carpets, etc.) and the decorative objects of the room. We particularly love wood and metal wall decorations because they add an interesting visual element and can be used to create an original mural.

 First, choose the wall you want to highlight. If you redecorate the living room, we suggest you choose the wall behind the couch. In the case of a bedroom, opt for the wall behind the bed.

 Then, arrange various wall objects such as a decorative frame, a metal wall sculpture, a decorative panel or a decorative letter in wood or metal and fix them to the wall. For a "perfectly flawed" effect, try choosing mismatched objects and different materials.



   2. Suspended posters

suspended canvas, hanged banner, hanged print, geometric print, wall art, wall decor

Much more than a simple poster, and not just a frame, the hanging poster is an original way to renew your interior decoration. If you like sleek and minimalist design, the suspended poster is for you. It is also very easy to install: just put a nail in the desired place and hang the poster by the small cord. If your furniture and textiles are neutral color, the hanging banner with geometric shapes will lend into your decor. In addition, if you want to change your style next season, just replace the poster with another one! Whether in the lobby, living room or even the kid's room, hanging posters are an excellent choice for infusing a bit of originality into a room.


   3. Adhesive wallpapers and murals

wall art products, mural to decorate your walls, wall decor

It is not always necessary to buy a plane ticket to travel. Have you ever dreamed of a trip to Bali, the sunset over the Himalayas or the famous Brooklyn Bridge? It is now possible to admire these iconic landscapes in your home with our decorative adhesive wallpapers and wall murals. Adhesive wallpaper is one of the best ways to completely change the mood of a room. To create an urban style, opt for a wall mural in black and white with a cityscape like Atlanta downtown mural. If, on the contrary, you want to create a more Zen atmosphere, consider the adhesive mural Bamboo.   Whatever your tastes and interests, we have the perfect option for you. Our decorative murals are available in two sizes, 2 or 10 feet. We can also print custom sizes. Be inspired by our vast selection of decorative murals without delay. If you can’t find the image that exactly fits your needs, be aware that we also have an additional image bank that you can explore. 


   4. Wall Decals

wallpaper with geometric shapes fo wall decoration, wall art

The trend of wall stickers is in full swing and it is not difficult to see why. The decorative wall decals are not only easy to stick and take off, but they are also available in a huge array of colors and shapes. Whether it's minimalist designs like the Aztec model or scatty illustrations for kids' rooms, the wall decal is a trend that's here for a good while. For common rooms, we suggest to go for a wall sticker that will appeal to the whole family as Around the world. If you are looking to renew the atmosphere in your bedroom, why not choose a floral motif or even an inspiring quote?


   5. Blackboards

original adhesive wall decals to decorate your walls

Life keep us busy and we constantly have a to-do list. If you like the style of the slate board, why not opt for an adhesive blackboard? Super practical, this type of blackboard is as easy to install as all other wall sticker and allows you to write your tasks or even little words of love to your family. Need inspiration? Put the blackboard in the kitchen, in the living room or in the children's room. It's up to you to choose according to your needs! We have several models of decorative blackboards to choose from.

Discover our complete collection of blackboards.


The possibilities are endless

As you can see, it is not always necessary to get start with renovations to change the mood of a room. Whether it's a hanging sign, a metal wall decor or a wall adhesive, renewing your home decor is not only easy, but inexpensive too. Sometimes it only takes a few nails or wall hanging skills!

If you need additional interior design ideas, do not hesitate to get inspired from our website. Discover our wide collections of wall stickers, murals, prints, decorative accessories and more.


  • Rick Howard: September 28, 2020

    That’s a very good article, I mostly liked the idea 3 on the list so i am gonna try it. for other ideas I liked having a custom metal monogram in my home. Just lighten up my living room. I bought it from

  • Panelwall Art: September 28, 2020

    I am glad that I found this blog. Thank you for sharing this helpful information. I also want to share this article I read from I really like the contents you post here! Keep it up!

  • ankur sharma: February 17, 2018

    I recently moved to my new apartment and walls of my apartment are still barren, because its not easy for me to decide how to fill them.. as I like classy things and I really like your first idea of wall decor… and then obviously i google things similar to that and I found beautiful handcrafted wooden wall art at and I must say this piece is one of its kind… So, I just want to say thank you for sharing beautiful image which inspired me… to bought some wall decor art….

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