Tired of bare walls? Breathe new life into your space with the help of these Canadian wall decor companies. From whimsical decals for kids’ rooms to sophisticated murals for living areas, there’s something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re drawn to modern geometric patterns, calming nature scenes, or playful animal motifs, these companies offer a diverse selection to transform your walls into works of art.

Besides, creating a vibrant and engaging home environment doesn’t stop at wall décor. Many homeowners are now incorporating themes that reflect their personal interests, such as sports, travel, and even casino-inspired designs. This trend has gained popularity as it combines gaming excitement with stylish home décor, making spaces more dynamic and entertaining.

Bandeau Elise Gravel

This guide spotlights six leading Canadian wall decor companies, each with unique offers. Keep reading to discover their specialties, browse popular product categories, and find contact information to explore their collections further.



Originally launched as MagicWall in 2010, Decall.ca emerged in 2018 to reflect the brand’s growth and continuation of providing premium wall decals and murals. Decall.ca prints, cuts, and produces all products in-house in Toronto, maintaining control over quality. The team takes pride in customizing every order with care and attention to detail.

Products & Categories

Decall.ca has a wide selection of wall decals ranging from polka dots and stars to sports team logos and personalizable name decals. Categories span wall decals, wall murals, door murals and stickers. Some best sellers include unicorn name decals, world map murals, and princess crown name decals for nurseries.

They also offer height chart decals shaped like cacti and ice creams, as well as alphabet, number, and transportation options for kids’ rooms. Customers can fully customize wall quotes, names, and monograms with Decall.ca’s free graphic design service.

Location & Contact

Based in Markham, Ontario, with address at PO BOX 99900 JH 140 888, RPO HIGHWAY 7, MARKHAM, ON L3P 0N3. Custom orders available via the website at www.decall.ca or email [email protected].


Based in Toronto, HappyWallz aims to provide innovative, easy-to-install, and environmentally friendly wall decals to decorate spaces for customers of all ages. Launched in 2008, HappyWallz offers a large selection of tree, floral, animal, modern geometric and custom designs in vinyl material.

HappyWallz emphasizes customization services, allowing customers to tailor decal colours, fonts, and content to match personal styles. This makes it easy to create meaningful, personalized family names, quotes and more.

Products & Categories

Some best-selling HappyWallz products include birch tree forest decals, cherry blossom tree decals, world map decals for kids, and personalized name and monogram butterfly decals.

Special categories cater to nursery & kids’ spaces with items like construction vehicle decals, unicorn decals, polka dot wall patterns and decals with clouds, stars and moon. HappyWallz also offers wall quotes and family monograms, promoting themselves as the best wall stickers provider thanks to quality materials and easy application.

Location & Contact

Online retailer located at 13 Keith Ave Toronto M6E 2C7 Canada. Custom designs can be requested through the website www.happywallz.com or by email at [email protected].

Artza & Co.

Founded in Montreal in 2020, Artza & Co. is a home décor company offering high-quality, eco-friendly wallpapers, wall stickers, art prints and more while promoting sustainability. Their products are manufactured locally, using no toxic materials.

The founders sought to encourage enjoying time at home during the pandemic through beautiful, responsible décor. Artza & Co. also spotlights supporting the local Quebec economy via suppliers and production partnerships regionally.

Products & Categories

Artza & Co. sells designer wallpapers in modern trends like green-to-pink or gray gradients alongside removable wall quote stickers. Coordinating décor like art prints, cushions, carpets and custom frames complement the wallpaper and mural lines. Unique collaborations also occur, like the exclusive Simons capsule.

For ease of installation, the adhesive wallpapers apply directly to finished walls without needing water. The peel-and-stick application also means products like the Arca circle sticker mural shift seamlessly while retaining quality construction.

Location & Contact

Retail showroom located at 2330 Masson Street Suite 300 Montreal. Online custom orders can be placed at www.artza.ca or email [email protected].

Station D

Created in 2018 by two Montreal printing pros, Station D is an online boutique providing trendy wall decor entirely made in Quebec. Audrey-Anne and Fanny apply their shared passions for decoration and print production to crafting original wallpapers, vinyl cut-outs, and other décor accessories found exclusively on their vibrant website.

Products & Categories

Station D’s product range spans personalized wallpapers, modern graphic murals as well as coordinating pieces like customized frames and posters. Patterns include bright colours, geometric shapes, botanical elements, plaid prints and watercolour textures to fit a range of aesthetics.

They also produce wall decals and stickers falling under categories like animals and floral designs. Some best-selling options include the black-outlined flower set and majestic feather motif. Custom posters get made to order based on desired dimensions and artwork.

Location & Contact

Office pickup and inquiries available at 3225 Jean-Béraud Avenue, Laval QC. Additional assistance via email [email protected] or through live chat on the website stationd.ca.

Urbanwalls Canada

Urbanwalls Canada

Urbanwalls Canada provides a wide selection of removable wall decoration options through categories like decals, wallpapers and murals to fit any room. Focusing on CAD and US-based manufacturing using quality materials, Urbanwalls Canada aims to make home décor accessible through online ordering and simple applications.

Products & Categories

Some highlights from Urbanwalls Canada’s bestselling removable décor include floral wall decal sets, terrazzo and confetti prints, and bold striped murals. Consumers browse based on colour, theme, or space through sorting tools online.

In their kids’ range, whimsical options like hot air balloon decals, astronaut wall graphics, and adventure-themed murals engage young imaginations. Collections like the Desert and Seaside motifs inspire consumers seeking coordinated collections, tying spaces together cohesively when decorating.

Location & Contact

Custom wall decals and murals are manufactured at facilities in both Canada and the US. Custom orders and inquiries can be submitted through the website urbanwalls.ca or email [email protected].

Espace Mural

Espace Mural came to life collaboratively between graphic artists at Espace Labarak and large-format printers Novographie. Combining creative talent and production prowess, Espace Mural makes stunning murals, wallpapers and adhesives to update home or business spaces while valuing customer experience.

Products & Categories

Espace Mural specializes in eye-catching, removable wall stickers ideal for low-commitment decor transformations. From jungle creatures for a nursery to motivational quotes in office lounges, their products enhance walls without damage, allowing flexible design.

Additional offerings include wallpapers conveying tranquil nature scenes, abstract shapes, exposed brick textures, and more to suit room purposes. Consumers browse the online image gallery for inspiration or provide content for a fully customized mural.

Location & Contact

Production workshop and design showroom located at 1468 rue de la Faune in Quebec City. Clients can start custom projects and place orders on the website espacemural.ca or by emailing [email protected].

Adzif (Closed)

ADzif was a popular Canada-based company known for its unique offerings in the wall décor space, including wall decals, stickers, and collaborations with artists like Élise Gravel. They had a range of much-loved products, from rainbow wallpapers to pony artiste decals, turtle mandalas, Gautier Studio furniture decals, and more.

Shoppers especially loved ADzif’s whimsical wall offerings for children’s spaces, including height charts, blackboard decals, and Sego wall decals with imaginative themes like pirates and monsters. ADzif also offered a Montreal pony wall decal that was quite popular.

With the loss of ADzif in the wall decoration market, several quality alternatives have emerged to fill the gap. Ranging from custom decals to removable wall murals, companies like Decall.ca, HappyWallz, Artza & Co., Station D, Urbanwalls Canada and Espace Mural all offer stellar options to enhance home or work environments.

Consumers now have the opportunity to explore varied aesthetics, from modern geometric prints to bohemian watercolour florals or uplifting quotes. As many highlight ethical production, free design services and customizable pieces, finding wall decor aligning with personal styles and spaces stays readily achievable.

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