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Specialized in decorative wall art and wall decals in Montreal, ADzif’s mission is to brighten up your space! Whether you're looking for wall adhesives or wall stickers to decorate your walls in a unique way, you'll find a wide selection of colourful and dynamic wall decorations, as well as decorative accessories and furniture.

Adhesive wallpapers, decorative wall stickers, framed prints: at ADzif, our experts will bring your customized or commercial project to life. Discover our wallpapers, large format prints, furniture such as shelves, beds, stools, decorative accessories such as cushions, carpets and lampshades, and wallpapers that are easy to install and use.

Do you want to brighten up a wall in your home? Whether in the bedroom, living room or kitchen, our large-format self-adhesive wallpapers, hanging banners and framed prints will revive a colourless wall in a heartbeat. Our pieces are made by local or worldwide artists, so they truly shine with unique character.

The decoration of your space plays a big part in how comfortable and at ease you feel in that room on a daily basis. Punctuating your environment with colourful art, playful prints and wallpapers inspired by beautiful landscapes contributes to giving your space a little je-ne-sais-quoi.

At home or at the office, a vibrant and unique space is good for your mood but also for your productivity. The kids' room, a game room, a waiting area... the possibilities are endless.

Choose the colour, theme and personal style that tickles your fancy: there really is something for everyone! ADzif brightens up your space.

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